Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Ada's Birthday

Yesterday was Ada's birthday. She had invited a few of her bff girlfriends 
over for a little pool birthday party in the afternoon.

The girls had about 30 minutes in the pool before it started raining 
and we had to move the party inside. (the forecast said 40% chance of rain and we had 
hoped it would stay dry, but oh no.. it started pouring...

Well, we had a back-up plan.
After eating pizza, we played bingo and the girls where happy winning prices etc. 
They also had time to play and before we knew it, it was time for cake 
and to sing happy birthday.

We were suppose to go to a baseball game in the evening, but it was cancelled 
because of the rain. We can use our tickets for another 
game,  which is perfect. We will pick another day, when the sun is out :o) 

Have a great Sunday ! 



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