Sunday, December 27, 2015


Suddenly Sunday after a nice Christmas with family and friends. 
Christmas Eve was spent with the family with lots of food and gifts.
And we were lucky because Santa also stopped by our house during the night, 
when we were asleep, and had left some gifts for us to open Christmas morning. 

We have had some nice days visiting friends, watching our traditional Christmas 
movies; Sound of Music, Home Alone and Elf (my favorite) and just being at
home enjoying the end of the Christmas season.   

Tomorrow I am going back to work, but we have another short 
week , so it cannot be any better.  
Ada is coming with me to work on Tuesday and I can't wait 
to have my little helper next to me all day ! 

And hey, look what I bought this morning! Tulips.
I know it is not season for those at all, but I could not help myself :o) 

Now time to join the family for a movie and some hot chocolate


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