Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day-trip to Pennsylvania

My girls 

My Mr. J a.k.a. Grill Master 


The readers, who has been following my blog for a while, know
that every summer, we are invited to a big BBQ in Pennsylvania by
one of Mr. J's co-workers, who has a house there. 
And we love to go there. All of us. 
We went yesterday and it was fun as always.  
I did not take too many pictures this year, because after eating, we spent 
most of the time by the bonfire listening to music and talking... 

Sunday already. 
My days off went by so fast. 
Ada has 2 of her friends come over to play and swim in the 
pool this afternoon for a few hours, and after that, I am throwing myself 
on the couch to watch last nights episode of Hannibal. 
That show is getting too good :o) 

Have a great Sunday !! 


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