Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday bloggers! 

Ada and I just came back from T.J. Max. 
Mr. J is at the neighbor's house helping them pack. They are moving 
next weekend, which we are very sad about. We have become very close 
with them over the 10 years we lived here.  Have had a lot of good times. 
But on the positive side we now get to takes trips to 
Atlanta, Georgia to visit them :o) 

Naisha left for Puerto Rico today for 2 weeks and we miss her already :o) 

We are suppose to get lots of rain and thunderstorms tonight. 
I don't mind. We are planning to stay home anyways. 
They are showing Gone Girl on HBO tonight. Love that movie. 
We saw it at the movies, but I am ready to watch it again from my couch 
with a big bowl of popcorn :o)  

Have a great Saturday and vi ses ! 


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