Thursday, January 22, 2015

#Thursday Dreaming

Today I am dreaming of a tropical vacation. 
To a place with white sand and crystal clear water. 
It must be the cold weather which is getting to me... ! 

Ada and Sophia (my Danish bff's in Florida's daughter) picked these 
shells on the beach last time we went to visit them in Florida. 
I have them in a small bowl at my house. 
A nice little souvenir. 
I love to have something personal at my little house which reminds me of 
a trip, a place I went to or just something which makes it personal to me...
It makes it "yours" :o) 

Time to get my day started...

Ohhh, wait, I wanted to let you guys know that one of my 
favourite Danish webshops Amazingliving has a very nice sale.
Especially Tine K Home. And you know, I cannot 
resist that. That's impossible for me :o) 

Have a wonderful day ! 



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