Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday and the New Rug 

My new rug in the living room. 
I love it. We all love it. 
It is nice and soft and the colors fit right into our living room.

Lovely Sunday morning and my Ada and I are up already while
the rest of the house is sleeping. 

We had a busy yesterday (Saturday) with a trip to the salon in the morning, 
so the girls could get their hair straightened (and they look so pretty) and a birthday 
party in the afternoon.

I think we are taking an easy and relaxing day today!   
We don't have anything on the family agenda. So far.

Gotta go.... 
Ada is calling me. She wants me to join her on the sofa under the blanket 
and watch a movie with her. Hey, who can say no to that?? 
Nothing better than spending time with your kids....

See you !   


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