Thursday, June 26, 2014

Note Book Time 

I love note books. 
This note book with a (Scandinavian) wolf I bought at Søstrene Grene 
when I was home in April. (the pen is from Danish Tine K Home)
Every morning before I leave the house I write a little note in it for the girls.
 It turned into a tradition last year when they went to summer camp. I would 
leave the house before they would get up, so I decided to start writing them a few 
lines which they could read when they would wake up.  

We are doing the same this year :o) 
Every Morning. Except on the weekends. 

Tomorrow is Friday, yay, and we are getting our new front and back doors installed 
and I am very excited about that. And they are white. 
My Scandinavian white. 
Just perfect for our little house. 

Mr. J just took the girls to the park, so time for me to 
invade the couch and television before they are back and it is time for bath, 
a little bit of television and bedtime. 

Vi ses ! 


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