Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Home Sweet Home 

We are back home and it was very hard and sad to say goodbye to family 
and friends, but it is also nice to be back at our little house... 
Mr. J and Naisha were very happy to have us back home yesterday 
and we were greeted with tons of hugs and kisses :o) 

I am home today, I am totally jet-lagged, have been up since 3am. 
I am going back to work tomorrow and it should help getting 
me back into our US routines and times :o) 

 Have a nice Wednesday bloggers, time for me to unpack the rest and 
have lunch with my Mr J. .. he should be here soon... :o) 

P.S. ... the pillows (in our bedroom) are from Danish By Nord and 
they came back with me from Denmark... 

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