Saturday, April 26, 2014

Favorite New Pillows from Tine K Home 

It is a late post I am doing today, but I have been spending most of this
 nice Saturday cleaning the house. You know one of those cleanings were you 
go into each corner. Our little house is nice and clean :o) 

Ada and I just picked up some pictures we took in Denmark. 
We went to H.C. Andersen's house while we were there and 
we are making a little album for her school/library. 
They have been reading some of his fairy tales in school, so the visit to 
his house in Odense was such a fun and great experience for Ada. 
.. And for me too, I enjoyed it a lot.

Have a niiiice Saturday night. 
Mine is going to be relaxing with some couch and movie time.
Perfect Saturday night for me :o) 

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