Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Happy Wednesday 

Today is Naisha's birthday. My beautiful step-daughter. 
Ada and I wrapped her gifts last night and Mr J. went out and bought balloons for her, 
so she could be celebrated a little bit this morning before going to camp.  
Tonight we are going out for dinner at the kid's favourite 
place. The Rainforest Cafe, of course. 

This afternoon I am meeting up with my childhood friend Mette. 
She is in nyc with her family. 
We are going to Central Park for lunch and to catch up on life and laugh about 
all the fun stuff we did growing up in Denmark. 
Can't wait to see her, it has been waaaaayyyyy too long. 

Have a nice day  


Wow, what a nice concert on Monday. We had such a good time. 
Bruno Mars was great and we would go and see him again any time. 
Perfect wedding anniversary date with my Mr. J. 

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