Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Star Knobs

I replaced my old knobs with my new star knobs and it came out nice.
It kind of spices it up a little.
It is raining like crazy here.
Tonight is dance class for Ada. They have their show next month
and she can not miss any classes.....
Mr. J and I might go for a run in the park while she is at dance class. If it is not pouring.
We have made a deal, that we are going to
try to run 2 times a week.... starting today...
Have nice day.

PS; The star knobs are from Danish Madam Stoltz


  1. Super fede knopper :-)
    Rigtig god weekend!
    ~ Mettec

  2. Hej Mette
    Tak for endnu en af Dine altid saa soede kommentar :o)
    God Weekend til Dig og Din familie