Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas..... 

I always feel it is very very quite after Christmas. 
Maybe because the days up to are so hectic. 

This morning going into work in NYC the train and subway were so empty. 
Even at Starbucks there was no line when I stopped by 
to get my morning coffee. 

We leave the Christmas tree up until January 6 ( i would leave it up all year 
if I could, I love the cozy light it gives).  Little by 
little I also put the Christmas decorations away. 
It always feels so empty. 

Our neighbors just stopped by with our Christmas presents. 
I am going to wait for Ada and Mr. J to come home so we can open them together. 

It is still Christmas at our little house..... At least for a little bit longer... 

Have a great night Blogger. 


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