Thursday, July 19, 2012

This plant is very special to me.....

It came all the way from Sweden and this is what happened... 

My grandparents in Sweden had a small summerhouse outside Lund. 
A beautiful little house where I have spent many hours 
having fun with my Swedish family. 
After my grandparents passed away and before the 
house was sold, my mother took a shoot of this plant
with her to our house in Denmark. 
She planted it in their yard and it started to grow. 
Last year when she came to visit us, 
she had brought a little piece of it with her (I wonder if that is legal btw...).  

After sitting in water and the roots started to grow, we put in in 
the ground in the front at our little house. 

This summer it has started to grow. And keeps growing. 

I am happy. Happy because I think it was such a great idea to 
bring a piece of it to our little house. 
Who knows !! Maybe the day Ada move out and moves to 
her own place with a yard, I might carry on the idea.... 


I am off tomorrow. 
Mr J. too, so we are going to lunch together 
and after that we are going home to fix the area around the front 
of our fence.... (I might stop by Home Goods too, it has been a while since I was there... )

Lets see. No matter what we will enjoy our day off. 

Have a nice Thursday night.
Vi ses Bloggers ! 

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