Friday, June 22, 2012

Swedish Mid-summer… in the US


Tomorrow we are going to a Swedish Mid-Summer festival in NJ. 
I look very much forward  going because besides the midsummer pole, 
there will be a Scandinavian food and marketplace (yay, I hope to get some candies!!!), lots of children’s activities, Swedish folk dancing, raffles etc.

It is a very nice event and we are looking forward to enter the “Scandinavian world” for a day.
We are meeting up with our Danish friends there, which is even
better :o) (Vi ses Anne og Søren + kids)

We are ready to celebrate the longest day of the year. A day of non-stop celebration.

 Enjoy your weekend girls

Pssst; it is finally getting cooler now, we have had the hottest weather for the last few
 days. We are suppose to get rain later today and the temperature is going to drop…..

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