Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today's Menu is Chicken Soup. 

What a Saturday Night/Sunday Morning.... 


Last night we ended up taking Ada to the Emergency Room. 
She was vomiting and complaining that her stomach was hurting. 
We had bought food earlier and were scared that it might be food poisoning. 
At the hospital after seeing the nurse (and throwing up again) we were 
placed in our own little room waiting to see the doctor. 
Ada feel asleep, and let me tell you, and I am sure all parents 
can relate, it is not nice to see your child being sick. 
I had to control myself to not start crying.  

Around 7 this morning we were discharged with prescription medicine 
and instructions to take it easy for the next few days.
And eat chicken soup...... 

Ada is doing better now, and she has eaten (and kept it down). Right now she is 
watching a (kids) music award hoping for Justin Bieber to be there.... 
That would really make her day..... :o) 

Have a great Sunday...... 

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