Monday, April 9, 2012

Hi Everybody. Did you have a nice Easter? 

We did, and we are back home now. 

We had a lot of family fun visiting Hersey Park, PA
Friday night when we got there, we went to the outlets to go shopping. 
We all got some nice stuff. 
I was lucky to get some new clothes in the Tommy Hilfiger store....

Saturday we spent all day in the park, but before we entered 
the park we visited Chocolate World. 
The kids (and me..) got to make our own chocolate bars and 
it was a lot of fun (We did not eat them yet, maybe tonight...). 
We also saw how they make chocolates, and Mr J finally 
got his answer about how they wrap the Hersey Kisses :o)

After a long day at the park, the kids jumped in the pool at the hotel.

At the end of the day Mr J. and I where more tired than the kids. 
They had sooooo much energy... hmmm, could it have been the chocolates ??? 


Time for me to un-pack and get some things done at the house. 

And, later we are going to go and buy our new bedroom set. 

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