Thursday, March 29, 2012

Today I bought some tulips for the house. 
I love tulips. 

There is a Whole Foods close to my job, and today, when I went there,
 I decided from now on I am going to go there on Thursdays, on
 my lunch break, to get flowers for the house. 
They have so many nice flowers, especially tulips in all kinds of nice colors. 
I picked yellow of course and they look so pretty on my kitchen table. 

Mr J. left not too long ago. He went out to buy some lottery tickets. 
The winner gets 500 million, yes I am not kidding, 500 million dollars. 
Gosh I hope we win. There would be so much I would do with that money... 

I am about to put Ada to bed and enjoy some "Marie-Time" on the sofa, 
catching up on some of my favorite shows. 

Good night and see you tomorrow.... and yes it's Friday !!!

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