Saturday, March 31, 2012

I am big fan of Camilla Lackberg.   
I love her books and they are in my collection of books..... 

I am so exited, a new book by her is out and I am definitely adding it 
to my list of things to get while I am in Denmark.  

It is raining by us today. 
Hopefully it will be nicer tomorrow, we have plans to go to a farm and 
meet up with Anne and Julie, to have some Easter Fun (egg hunting etc.) 
But, we might have to change plans if the weather stays like this tomorrow too. 
Let's see.... 

Let me start to get ready.... We are heading out for Ada's dance class. 
On the way home we are stopping by Pier 1, to get some lantern light 
strings and to just take a look.

Have a great Saturday and I will see you later.... 

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