Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Bedroom Project 

Today I am kicking of my bedroom project. 
It was suppose to start tomorrow, but I took both today and tomorrow off, 
so I don't have to rush it. And.... I also thought I would add a trip to IKEA to 
my project and get some shelves, maybe some lamps etc from there.... ( I am sure I will end up getting other stuff too, I have not been there for a while...)   

The color.....

Bridal Rose 

I have picked the color Bridal Rose.... 
Well, yes, maybe it is a little girly (that was Mr. J's first reaction), but I really like it. 
The sealing, moldings, bed frame, dresser, shelves and all that other 
good stuff is going to be white/beige, so I don't think 
it will feel like we are sleeping in a princess room :o) 

I bought a little sample the other day and painted a little area 
juuuuuust to see how it would look. After a few days, 
Mr. J also liked it and said that he "could live with it". 
So here we go: the color has been chosen! 

Time to run down to the store, get what I need and get started.... 

See you later girls... 

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