Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Something very special to me

Something very special to me... 

I have this little chests on my dresser in our bedroom. It is very special 
to me because it is  one of the things I have from my (Swedish) grandmother.  

It is very old and about to fall apart. 
I wanted to show it to you because I just love it.  
I keep special letters and cards I have received over time in it....  

Have a great Wednesday
It is suppose to be nice and warm today.
I think we are going for ice cream when I come home from work today.... 

See you later girls... 

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  1. Hej Marie. Er fuldstændig vild med den mailbox du har fundet;) Og ja sådan en æske er jo noget af det mest værdifulde man har, både fordi den går i arv, men også pga minder..