Friday, February 3, 2012

New Mirror

Happy Friday 

I am a little late with my post today, but I had a busy morning. 
I had to run some errands. 
On my journey getting my errands done, I stopped by Home Goods.
Juuuuust to check. With no intensions to buy anything. But I found a mirror. 
Exactly the one I had been looking for for a loooong time. 
When I saw it I knew I had to get it....

I have put it in our office/guest room, but the plan is to have it in the 
bedroom after we renovate, paint or do something in there, which is very needed... 

As you can see on the picture the sun is shinning today… 
It is beautiful today. 

Well, now it is time for me to clean my closest and get rid of some of my old clothes. 
This is something that has been on my agenda for way too long, and today is the day. 
Winter clothes we donate. 
Summer clothes we send to Dominican Republic to our family and friends. 

Have a great Friday. 

I absolutely love Fridays! Yay!   

See you chicas and thank you for stopping by 

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