Sunday, February 19, 2012

Costume Party/Fastelavnsfest

Today we went to the Danish church in New York City/Brooklyn 
to the annual "fastelavnsfest" (costume party)

We had a great time even tough it was very loud when some 
of the bigger kids hit the barrel and made a lot of noise... 
I think the pictures tell it all....  

The party starts with a worship for the kids. 
Than the kids hit the barrel and afterwards they 
serve Danish (fastelavns-) buns and all kinds of good stuff. 

 I love our tradition of going there every year.  
The kids have a lot of fun and I also get to see and talk a little bit to some of my Danish 
friends I don't see very often.... 

And, I also bought some Danish candies.  Guess what I am stuffing myself with tonight?

Have a great Sunday night. 
We are off tomorrow, but we have nothing on the agenda. Not yet. 
Just some family time at the house... 

See you later.... 

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