Friday, January 6, 2012

 I am exited. 
Today I was invited to a Hunter boots sale event.
Boots for $20.00. Yes, Hunter boots for only $20.00. I got myself a new pair 
in white. I would have bought more, but they did not have any more in my size 
(I have small feet). I also got some hats and scarves for Mr. J. so he can stay warm. 

Now we are all ready for winter and the rain. (Ada already got hers)

I wonder if it will rain this weekend......?? 

So far we have no crazy plans for the weekend. 
I promised Ada to bake a cake and some cookies with her, 
So far that's all we have on the agenda.

Have a nice Friday night and I will see you later, or maybe tomorrow... 

We ordered pizza and it should be here soon.... 

Lots of hugs from me....   

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