Sunday, October 9, 2011

Office/Guest Room Project 
Step 1 

I have to decide on a color for the new office/guest room. 
And, it is not easy. 
I went to the store to pick a color and.… 
I am confused. I could not pick one. Had to leave empty handed. 
 I am planning to paint tomorrow, so I have 
some serious decision-making to do tonight !  

Here are a few pictures from our Sunday 
at our little house. 

Ada doing her nails
(and staining the sofa) 
Going to the park.... and having fun at the park.  

Enjoy your Sunday Evening ! 


  1. waterfall mist el. clear view!!!

  2. ser ud til at I har haft bedre vejr hos jer. her har det regnet stort set hele weekenden.......