Sunday, September 18, 2011

Play Date with BFF Julie

Today Ada and I went to my Danish friend Anne’s house. 
Anne has a daughter, Julie, who is same age as Ada and one of her BFFs.

It is always so nice to go to their house.
Ada and Julie play, and Anne and I get to catch up on motherhood, life 
and so much more . I met Anne through DK-mom (a group for Danes in 
NJ, NY and PA). We met before we became mothers. 
After we had our daughters we started to meet up for play dates. Over time we have grown into becoming very good friends. 
I always leave her house having had a great time. I know Ada feels the 
same way. She never wants to leave.  

Here is a pictures from today of Julie and Ada 
(Julie and Ada)  
 Have a great Sunday Evening ! 

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