Sunday, November 29, 2015


Can't believe it is First of Advent today. 
We have not lit our first candle yet. We are waiting for Mr. J 
and Naisha to come home from New York City. They are taking some family 
members home, who came to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. 

I started to Christmas decorate today. 
I did not "go crazy" this year. 
Just a few things here and there.  

Oh, boy, Sunday is here and this long Thanksgiving weekend
went by way too fast. But now we can start enjoying 
the most cozy and lovely season of the year. 
The countdown has started.....  

Have a great Sunday night. 
Time for a big cup of tea and a Swedish movie on Netflix ! 


Friday, November 27, 2015

Lovely Day 

What a nice day. 
The day after Thanksgiving. 
The perfect day to be outside and burn some calories after all the 
food we had yesterday.  We have tons of leaves out there again, so it is time 
for another clean up before the family is coming over to our house later. 

Tonight our down-town is being turned into "Winter Wonder Land" where 
the theme this year is The Wizard of Wonderland. Besides the annual parade 
and Christmas tree lighting there will be so many fun things like an
out-door ice skating rank, carriage rides, bon fires, music 
and lots of food and drinks. And there will be a s'mores pit where 
I am definitely going to stop by.   

We have been going for the last few years and this year our little
cousins etc. will be joining us, so I am sure it will be extra fun :o)  

Have a great Friday ! 


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Friday-Feeling on a Wednesday 

What a nice and thankful feeling to be off for the next 4 days. 
Time to enjoy this Friday-feeling on a Wednesday 

Have a good night


Wednesday Inspiration


Today's Wednesday Inspiration is this beautiful 
Thanksgiving table. 
Who does not want to sit here and have a nice Thanksgiving dinner.
I am looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow with the 
big family and the food :o)   

Have a fantastic day ! 


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Candle

Love Christmas Candles, especially the calendar candles. 
As soon as December 1 hits, we love to light ours every night during dinner 
and see the number(s) go down one by one. 

This candle from Danish Normann Copenhagen is one of my absolute 
favourites this year. 

Tuesday already and I can't wait for our long Thanksgiving weekend this week

Have a g.r.e.a.t day ! 


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Suddenly Sunday 

Wow, suddenly Sunday. 
The days flew by so fast since Wednesday. 

I don't put up any Christmas decorations until next weekend after Thanksgiving, 
but yesterday when Ada and I went out and made a stop by Home Goods, 
bought the white candle house. I did not want to wait to put it up 
until next weekend because it gives the coziest light. So yes, the first 
Christmas decoration is up at our little house. 

When do you start to decorate for Christmas?

Have a great Sunday !